Who are we

Spreading a sustainable Mindset

Elisa Barni, Funder of EB environmental

My sustainability journey started in 2019 when I started implementing environmental-friendly practices in my daily life. In June 2021, I graduated in Business Administration and now I am doing my Master’s study in Environmental Management. 

Now, my purpose is to become a leader to drive businesses in their net-zero transitions.

Willness to learn

Our Philosophy

Helping businesses become the leaders of the green-Transition

“If we are to reimagine capitalism, we need the private sector to be part of the effort to rebuild our institutions and to fix government.”

Rebecca Henderson – Harvard Professor

Our inspiration comes from the revolutionary book “Reimaging Capitalism in a world on fire”: this book describes how private firms have the incentives to lead the green transition, but they just luck to incision them in their business’s strategies. 

This blog describes how firms can succeed in this process.

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